"The photographer who picks up a digital camera and blithely starts shooting is deluding himself when he thinks that he is doing essentially the same thing as he did with film, only more efficiently" - Nathan Jones.
    735827_10201128121586127_2143673004_oWelcome back! I have been off line for quite a while. I am trying to get everything back to normal after a major crash on my server. Please bear with me if something does not work or when you see strange messages on some of the pages. 
    Hi, my name is Ruud Roelofsen and I live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. On most of my     business trips I try and spend some time on exploring the city or the landscape with a camera, depending where I am going. I am an amateur photographer, but I am trying to learn from others, while keeping my own view on things I see around me.
    I started photographing on plain film and used to print these myself. Although I am convinced about the benefits of digital photography (so far, all content on this site is shot with a digital camera), I think analogue is still the ultimate way of how we chase light and capture moments! Photographic film responds very different to light than a digital sensor. It just takes ten times more patience before you can see the result. Which just may be all you need to truly appreciate it… Read more on

    Online shop in maintenance mode. Quality prints, framed prints and stretched canvases of my work are available via  Society6

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    Feel free to browse the site and go through the various galleries. I have tried to not only just list the images, but also to add some more info on the subjects itself, the location where they were taken (including GPS coordinates!) and a bit of history. Leave me a message if you want to ask me something or have a remark, I am open to all comments or suggestions. I am adding pictures on a regular basis, if you want to keep up to date you can subscribe to my posts by submitting your email on the right side of this page.


    All the graphic elements (backgrounds, pictures in the galleries) you see on this site are my own. Many people ask me to send them full size pictures. Because of this I have decided to make copies available in my web shop. Visit the shop and select your images. Right now there’s only a few as I am uploading them. More pictures will become available soon, so please be patient or drop me an email for a picture to become available in the shop. I have kept prices low, especially compared to what you see elsewhere. The difference though is that these images are really unique! Please read the terms and conditions before shopping.


    Shopping is possible through a secure ordering process which takes you to PayPal, the most trusted payment system on the web. You don’t have to have an account with PayPal, you can log in as a guest and still make the payment.

    You can even claim exclusivity on these images by buying the rights to the original file. If you do so, the file will be marked as such. With every purchase, you will be able to download the file when the order is complete. Easy as that!

    Download via email link

    After you complete the order,you will find a download link for the email provided by you.

    More pictures

    I am also planning to post pictures that have been taken with normal film. Scanning negatives takes a while and usually requires a lot of processing on the scans itself, so it may be a while before the scans get posted here.

    In order to make a purchase, you must set up an account. By doing so, you will be able to track your orders and keep up to date.




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